Wekfest LA 2015: Part One

Words by Tim Wong

This past weekend I made a trip out to Long Beach for the annual Wekfest LA show at the Queen Mary. It’s been pretty busy around here working on some renovations to the blog because it’s going to be moving pretty soon. If you follow our Facebook page or Instagram(@timscribbles), there have been constantly updates of shows we’ve been out at. Look forward to the big changes coming soon.

For the past couple years, Wekfest LA has been pretty hit or miss for various reasons, but this year it was spot on. Everything was great; the media check in was smooth, the weather was a nice overcast, and the cars were outstanding. My gripe was parking at the Queen Mary has become outrageously expensive at $18 for a couple hours; you’d think I was parking in downtown San Diego during Comic Con. Aside from all that, I was pleased with all the great cars that showed up this year for the event and I had a blast shooting the event with my fisheye lens. With all the photographers that flood the car events, I like to try to keep my coverage unique.


Rocket Bunny FRSs are a dime a dozen nowadays, but none have a wing quite like this one.



Speaking of Rocket Bunny, here’s a R35 GTR with a widebody RB kit.



If you remember the RAW Heart Integra at last year’s Wekfest, it wasn’t quite finished even though it didn’t stop it from attracting plenty of attention . This year is been touring a few shows already in its complete form and still bringing in the crowds.





LTMW Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger widebody has been one of the kits making waves in the Southern California car scene.



Another Rocket Bunny R35, but what caught my attention were the massive Watanabe style wheels which to my surprise are made by Rotiform.









J’s Racing GT widebody S2000



Crazy Ford 5 window build with slicks and aggressive aero in the rear.



Many of Southern California’s best Honda builds were all over Wekfest this year like David’s K-swapped EJ1.



I love seeing well thought out Honda builds like this EF Civic. Perfect blend of new and period correct modifications like Mugen wheels and Mugen exhaust while powered by a B-series rocking some coil on plugs.




Thought the popularity of RWBs have plateaued, these RWB builds are impressive.


Beautiful BMW 2002 build inside and out.





Going to end part one of Wekfest LA coverage with the latest version of Jon Sibal’s “Big Willy” Challenger now in matte red and fitted with the new Liberty Walk kit.


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  1. Kenny Avatar

    Really love the bay on the EF with the black intake setup, great photos.

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