Wekfest LA: Part Two

Words by Tim Wong


Finishing up our Wekfest coverage and coming up next will probably be our Eibach Honda Meet coverage. This weekend we have the annual HRE Wheels open house event that’s always worth checking out. Every year the event at their headquarters is filled with all sorts of exotics.




Rocket Bunny kits on S13s was where I really started to like Rocket Bunny way before all this FRS craze and to this day, I still think it’s one of their best looking.










Spoon NSX


Michael Mao’s NSX





A classic Datsun truck is certainly one of the more unique vehicles on display.







I love seeing beautiful piping work like this.











I wasn’t expecting to see the Nightrunner FRS at Wekfest considering it’s from Canada, but it was a pleasant surprise seeing it person.






That concludes our coverage of Wekfest Long Beach 2015. Thanks for reading and look forward to our next post: Eibach 2015.

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