SEMA 2014: Part Two

Words by Tim Wong

Picking up right from SEMA Part One, with some more amazing cars.


Two Rocket Bunny kits, one version on a FRS and a newer kit on the RX7.



Liberty Walk E92 BMW M3


Falken BMW F80 M3 on HRE R101 wheels


Vossen with a Lexus LFA featuring their latest wheels


Another Rocket Bunny RX7 at Enkei’s booth



A strange sight to see at SEMA was that Timberland the clothing company was showcasing their venture into manufacturing tires. The overall image of being a company directed toward the outdoorsman makes sense, but I have my doubts of making tires a success since there is no correlation from clothing to automotive performance. Just by looking at the Jeep they chose to display, I would not choose to take a vehicle with such thin sidewalls anywhere off-road.


Liberty Walk Aventador at Forgiato




Toyo Tires had their usual booth layout of impressive vehicles.


Previously a bright teal 911, but now seen in it’s new dark blue.


Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and Lamborghini Huracan



Liberty Walk BMW M4



Probably the only RWB at SEMA this year, but it’s not exactly a new car either. I saw it being put together in May at LTMW.


Another Liberty Walk BMW M4




Some highly anticipated vehicles at Mopar’s booth with the Challenger and Charger Hellcats.


The Viper ACR concept


The Jeep Renegade is a upcoming car I was personally interested in seeing.


The Rocket Bunny NSX from Autofashion was a vehicle many people were excited to see. It was probably the most interesting car at the Nitto booth this year.




Usually manufactures aren’t really interested in showing up to SEMA since it is mostly geared toward the aftermarket audience with a couple of exceptions like Honda and Hyundai that bring out modified vehicles each year. Mazda has a small presence in the less popular North Hall, but this year BMW and Mercedes Benz had booths as well.


BMW Z4, I usually see at the Long Beach Grand Prix during the ALMS or TUDOR United SportsCar Championship.


Mercedes Benz had a number of modified vans.



Leaving off part two with this Rocket Bunny R35 at VIP Modular


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