It’s a Rauh-Welt

Words by Tim Wong

This past Tuesday, I made a drive out to LTMW, known for the latest Liberty Walk cars, out in El Monte for a special meet. What was special was that it featured the famous Akira Nakai who builds all of the RWB Porsches. Then there was some more special guests in attendance that made this all the more special such as Magnus Walker, Los Angeles based Porsche builder and collector, and Jon Sibal, known for the amazing car designs and his famous Dodge Challenger. It was a pretty unique gathering of cars and people unlike any other.

This meet was something I was very close to not coming out to. If you are in Southern California, you’ve probably heard of the wildfires burning away all around San Diego. Since the timscribbles crew is based out of San Diego, it was a very concerning issue for us. On Tuesday, the first of these fires was quickly spreading within miles to my house so I was somewhat reluctant to head out away in case anything got out of control. As time progressed, it was pretty much under control on my side of the fire and it seemed things will going to be okay. As you’d see, I did go to the meet after all, but not before packing some things up should anything occur. The next day, it was even more insane with more fires popping up every where to the point where we had 9 separate fires all over San Diego at the end of the day. Even now, the fires are still burning away. It’s been completely wild out here, but everyone is still trying to go about their lives and doing their jobs much like those fighting the fires.


One of three RWB Porsches present at the meet







Subaru BRZ kitted with Rocket Bunny


BMW E36 kitted with Rocket Bunny


Liberty Walk E92 BMW M3



Robert Kochis’ Rocket Bunny Scion FRS



A pair of silver Nissan Skyline GTRs





Amuse Powerhouse kitted 370Z


Couple of rotaries rolling in to the meet, a RX3 and an RX7.



S2000 with a Voltex bumper on TE37s. The Voltex bumper is probably one of my favorites for the S2000 with the aggressive styling known to Voltex as they make many aero products.



Jon Sibal’s Dodge Challenger with a heavy RWB inspiration color scheme.



Porsche 911 with its awesome center locking wheels


In one of the complexes were three blue cars on display: the Liberty Walk Nissan GTR, the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458, and the latest RWB.





This is the latest RWB Porsche that in this picture was still making.





Thanks for reading.


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