MOD 2014

Words by Matt Willis

MOD, or Mitsubishi Owner’s Day, is sort of the “roll-call” event for, well, Mitsubishi owners. It’s a cut-and-dry event that takes place annually at the Mitsubishi North America HQ in Cypress. Tim has attended a couple of times, but this year was my first time at MOD. Much like Mitsubishi’s fleet, the Lancer Evolution dominates this event; not that there weren’t other vehicles there — but the Evo is without question the flagship car of Mitsubishi. Other vehicles include varying years of the Eclipse, 3000GT, Galant, and Lancer. There were also a few seldom-seen Mitsubishi models on site too.

I have to say from an omniscient perspective, Mitsubishi looks like a dying breed here in the U.S. – but events like this always remind us that the culture and following is still very much alive. Owners all the way from the greater Northeast made the drive out to Southern California for this event; and I would have to think Mitsubishi has a lot of appreciation for that. I always like when a brand tries to embed itself within the culture of it’s customers; it shows that don’t solely care about selling new cars off the floor, but about the cars they have already sold and the owners that keep coming back…





The Mitsubishi Delica van…


And the Conquest/Starion…



I have always been a fan of the 2nd generation Eclipse – moreso the coupe than the spyder – but it is always nice to see them done up nicely.



Really liked this Evo X build…




We’ve seen this Evo at Redline Time Attack this season…





Peter Nicolaou’s Evo, another great build we’ve seen on the track several times…







Although I don’t care for the wheel color too much, I think the marigold yellow really works on the Evo X…




Always love seeing this Evo build.


Quite a splitter on this setup…










Nice Evo 9 bay trimmed with a selection of beautiful Arc components…





Bumper reinforcements on this Evo X…





The Evo used in the annual Pikes Peak Hillclimb event.

That’s it for MOD 2014. Thanks for reading!






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