Spocom 2014

Words by Tim Wong


The annual Spocom Consumer & Tradeshow at the Anaheim Convention Center is an event we always attend to see the current show cars on display at the indoor car show. While Spocom is more of one of those lifestyle shows that consists of the music and import model subcultures in the car scene, we usually just show up for the cars as we never really cared for the rest of that stuff. As to be expected, there are those who do exactly the opposite and show up only for the models, but those people usually consist of creepy old guys with their big cameras and you can always tell who they are because they are incredible rude due to the lack of social skills.


The show was by no means lacking in nice builds to scope out. Apparently, there were so many cars that they had to put many cars outside in the front. As a photographer, I was not complaining as the lighting outdoor was much easier to work with than the funky indoor lighting. If I was showing my car, I’d probably want a refund and go home because it was so far out of the way, most people would have not even know there were cars out there. If it weren’t for us being early and not interested in waiting in line, we’d probably have not even noticed it and not ended up wandering over there.



There were some really nice cars out there that most people probably didn’t even see.















































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