Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day 2014

Words by Tim Wong

The 2nd annual Auto Enthusiast Day this year took place at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Last year the event at Auto Club Speedway was much smaller most likely due to rainy weather and not too many people knew about it. Though I did prefer the ACS location, this location provides a larger venue with the increase of vendors and cars.


Evasive brought out their Voltex equipped S2000


Apex’i had a pair of rather different cars at their booth. One, a modern Scion FR-S and the other, a Mazda RX-7 each modified along with their own period styles.




A C5 Corvette with a Japense style livery and modfications


A pair of RWBs






Bulletproof Automotive Nissan 370Z


Semi-painted carbon fiber fenders are a nice touch. I love when CF parts have a paint fade.




Not your typical Hyundai Genesis Coupe. In the front, you’ll find a fuel cell in lieu on an engine.


On the side, there’s a pair of carbon fiber air vents to bring in air….


…to the 4.8 Hyundai V8 powerplant from the Genesis in the back.





Outside, I found this perfect example of a BMW 740i on Work Meisters.

















An old Honda N600 with a more modern powerplant from a 1998 VFR 800 Honda motorcycle.






3 responses to “Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day 2014”

  1. Kenny Avatar

    Nice variety here, and some of these engine swaps are mind boggling 😀

  2. Women Auto Know Avatar

    love this sport cars

  3. wagnerpauloandrade Avatar

    Reblogged this on wagnerpauloandrade and commented:
    muito lindo

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