Wekfest LA 2014: Part Three

Words by Matt Willis

This is our last piece of coverage from Wekfest. There were still probably a lot of cars that we missed, simply because it was starting to get really crowded towards the late afternoon and we still had to get inland for EAF. Nonetheless, here are some more top-notch builds that caught our eyes…


Another view of the bay…


…and the Wekfest spread…


Armand Pranadi’s MR2. I guess the running theme with his car is to put random objects in the wheel depth…haha…




Sort of makes me anxious for the next show, I wonder what cool stuff will be in Armand’s wheels next…haha…


Tim and I both took a liking to this Evo from Genome, although some of the aero is a bit over the top – the cream color and black trim+wheels really looks great.


It also had a lovely interior setup…



Loved this E92, primarily for the body kit. And the fact that the owner didn’t clean the wheels or use tire shine. Good enough for me…


Audi S4 at the Style Over Comfort booth. Looks great against the Long Beach skyline.




Loved everything on this CTR conversion except the wheels; something about either the size or style doesn’t flow with the car. But hell, nailed everything else. Great looking ride.



997 GT3 Cup.



Unique style on this E46…


John Zhang’s F30…


Cool Trueno replica…



I liked this S14 from Prominence, and I usually hate S14s…haha…


Been seeing this 997 on bronze Work Meisters for some time now, and I still love it…


I think I missed this in the previous post. We’ve seen it before, but it is always very eye catching – and nothing is done too far over the top. Great (and bright) TSX build…


Friend and fellow photographer AJ gets some shots in…


Another angle on the limitless society S2000…


Michael Johnson’s TL…


Joey Lee’s Q45, recently refreshed with a new body kit…


Another view of Amir’s racer…



Haha…like I said, it was packed later in the afternoon. Crazy trying to any kind of photo in here. This got snapped on our way out, though…and then we were off to EAF!

So that concludes our coverage from this year’s Wekfest LA event. Hope you enjoyed it. More stuff coming your way soon…

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