HRE Wheels Open House 2014: Part One

Words by Matt Willis

Each year, on one particular weekend, the HRE Wheels company opens their facility to the public and hosts an impressive gathering of some of the world’s finest cars. If you don’t know who HRE is or what they are all about, then the best thing to do would be to attend this event…haha…but HRE truly is one of the most top-notch wheel designers and manufacturers in the nation (if not worldwide), and they are located right here in San Diego county.

The event – formally the HRE Open House – attracts more and more guests every year from around Southern California, as well as various vendors and members of the automotive media. The cool thing about HRE is that they’ve sort of quietly worked their way into many niches of the car community over the years. While most think of exotics and fancy wheels when HRE is mentioned, they are actually found on all types of cars and in all designs, finishes and sizes. So naturally, the event is a good mesh all of all types of enthusiasts, as you can see…


The front of the HRE facility…


Great looking Lamborghini Diablo; one exotic that – much like the Murcielago – is going by the wayside.



Ferrari Testarossa…


Modern Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG…


Beautiful Porsche 930s…


997 GT3…


Love this Z06, which we’ve seen around a few times before…


…along with this Acura NSX.



Mercedes 230SL…


Lotus Espirit…



There were a number of Japanese classics, like this Datsun 510…




E30 M3…


A few high-end sportbikes…


The Liberty Walk BMW 328xi wagon, which seems to make it’s way to nearly every event we shoot…haha…


Falken/HRE Mustang….



The FIND A CURE PROJECT M3, which has been put together by several different participating companies. The car, in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, will be seen at many events in California this year…


BAC Mono at the Eibach booth…


Ending this segment with the Liberty Walk Performance GTR…

More coverage and cars to come! Thanks for reading!

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