Wekfest LA 2014: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

Onto the second installment of our Wekfest LA coverage, picking up where we left off over the weekend. Even with a packed entrance, there was still a lot to see around the “lawn” areas and center stage. We spent a majority of our time around the cars and doing photos, as with each minute it seemed like more and more people were flooding into the event. As we made our way back out towards mid-afternoon, there were a TON of people in the main plaza, so it was wise on our part. We were in a pinch to get out and get to Extreme Autofest in Anaheim as well, so we had to make sure we had ample time and all.

If you missed the first part of our Wekfest 2014 photos/coverage, here you go:  Part One

This post will continue through the inner section, but will highlight some of the best Honda cars in the Wekfest lineup as well…


FAST Autoworks FR-S…


Nice DC2 from Street Level…


Fiat 500 Abarth…


Nice EF with a lot of neat details.


This DC was equipped with a RWD  Turbo F-swap…



S2000 center tunnel/console and gauge cluster…


This was a nice touch on the intake manifold…


Supercharged H-swapped EG from Moshi Garage…


What a beauty…




One of those things that I acknowledge exists, but still have trouble grasping…haha. There’s a lot of those when it comes to modifications, I guess…


Very nice RSX…


Jonathan Monteith’s Civic…


Love this car, especially with the body work and Work RSZ-Rs…



Jay Calderon’s ICB/RC Garage Mugen build. I remember seeing a build thread on this a long time ago, when the car was basically empty and getting painted. Now years later, I just got my last copy of Honda Tuning in the mail and I see it on the cover…





Love the work on the interior, the floor plates and custom ICB seats too…


UKDM taillight housings and Mugen wing to top it off…such a beautiful build…




Beautiful NSX lineup, including Michael Mao’s recently revised NA1 build…




Loved this simple track-prepped EK; probably one of my favorite builds at Wekfest for that reason.


Nice classic Skyline with in a track/race outfit…



This was a little bit too over-the-top for my taste, but there was definitely a lot of attention to detail.





Beautiful Full Race turbo setup on this S2000…


One of the most beautiful DA builds you’ll ever see. Can’t say that I’ve ever really had a thing for the DA Integra chassis, but if anything would sway me it would probably be this very car.


Jay’s S2000, which has been featured on the site a few times.



That wraps up our second piece coverage from Wekfest LA 2014. There is one more set of Wekfest photos to come in the next day or so, along with coverage from Extreme Autofest in Anaheim and the more recent HRE Open House event.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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