Just Doing Me Social

Words by Tim Wong

A couple weeks ago, It’s JDM Yo held an event at Savini Wheels in Anaheim to celebrate their third year. The event wasn’t promoted until just a week before the event so the amount of people that showed up was surprising. I was spent most of that morning packing up some stuff before heading down to San Diego so I stopped by about halfway into the meet. Supposedly it was pretty hot earlier in the day so it was great that I arrived just as the temperature cooled down.


Emergency Hookers had one of their tow trucks out front displaying Michael Mao’s famous red NSX on gold Mugen MF-10s.






Z32 Nissan 300ZX on Work Equips


Hyundai Genesis on Rotiform BLQs



One of the stranger sights that day was this Nissan “GTR” at the Air Runner booth. This “GTR” really is a Nissan Altima with and extensive body kit that even had a GTR like exhaust exit.



BMW M3 E92 with a wide body


Awesome Honda line up that day too just before the big Eibach Honda Meet.







Dailow Subaru on fifteen52 Tarmacs



Savani Nissan 370Z


Nissan Skyline




S2000 with a full carbon fiber front end










Dailow Subaru was so low he had to exit the lot in reverse.




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