Eibach ’13: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

Continuing from Part One, where we left off with a very iconic NSX build…



Awesome lineup. Left to right: Mike Mao’s NSX, the Limitless Society S2000, Fast Autoworks NSX, and the Bulletproof S2000.


As the day progressed, the line to get into the lot grew along with it. Insane how many people showed up to see the cars…


Although it’s nothing too extravagant, I still liked this UKDM-themed DC.


Beautiful EG on custom-colored 949 6UL wheels.


Never took interest in the BYS rear spoilers for these, but I think it fits the car.


Pair of Bride Low Max’s, Takata Harnesses…


…Not to mention a nice B-series setup.


Clean Spoon-themed EK…



One of my favorite cars to see at Eibach nearly every year is this Electron Blue EM1.


The engine bay is pretty much what you would see if you opened a Spoon catalog up. If Spoon made it for this chassis, it’s probably in this bay…


The interior is also very well done. Loving the seats…


I’ve seen this EK at EAF and a couple other events, it’s coming along nicely but there are still a few things that need to be refined. The wheel/tire fitment seems a bit out of place and I can’t tell if I’m looking at it wrong or if the paint looks a bit uneven. I love the motor setup though and hope to see this car continue to build up…



I wouldn’t call it an EM2 anymore, but that’s what this car from Drag Cartel seems to look like…


Haven’t seen this EM1 in a while. Love the color, I think it’s very unique. The wheel sizing is not my taste, but I think it works with the car.



Desmond Wheel on the iconic Phase2 TSX…


I remember seeing this hatch at Eibach last year, and I simply love it.


The engine bay could use a little tidying up, but other than that it’s pristine…



Nice DC2-R…



There’s always a couple insane bays at Eibach…this was one of them…


Here’s another bay from one of Jerry Built’s drag cars…


…and another Jerry-build; this one a K-series with crazy ITBs…


I liked this 8th gen coupe. Looks like a mild road race build (not sure how much track time it’s seen, if at all). Normally you don’t see these done up too often…


Bride Low Max and extended shifter on-board…


Nice turbo B with an interesting coating on the valve cover…


Toriano Thomas’s GSR that we saw at Eibach last year. Love the cleanliness and simplicity of his DC2 build…


Not too often you see an RL build…especially like this…


Pair of 6th-generation Civic track builds from Final Speed…


Lowered first-generation CR-V….


Aggressive S2000…


PGK S2000…




Mugen-themed S2000…


I’ve seen this S2000 on the show circuit for a while now and, though I think it’s very nice, something about it just doesn’t flow for me…


Eddy Tran’s turbo four-door that we’ve featured on the site a few times now



Nice red DC with a JDM front end.


Tim and I always love seeing the Loi-Spec builds, whether they are sitting in a parking lot or tearing it up at the track.


I’ve never been a fan of the DB8s, but this one just has a totally different flavor.



Awesome DC2 with MF-10s and a gen-2 Mugen wing…


Mike G’s “EG6 Tank” build that we haven’t seen in a while.


Still looking amazing under the hood.


Nicely done VIP TSX…


Unique color on this DC.


Points for the color and body; otherwise…not feeling it at all.



Joey Lee from the Chronicles… brought his new-old Odyssey out. Be sure to check out his extensive Eibach coverage…


Old Mugen-inspired CRX…



Really extravagant Element…



Nice and simple EK on bronze SE37Ks…




Couple of clean late-model Accords…


At the Norm Reeves Honda booth, there was a crew busy preparing a K-series for this DC2…


They had the tranny apart and everything…



Perhaps one of the most popular builds at Eibach this year was the Rywire Civic EA-T. Simply amazing…


Love the wing…






We wrapped things up in the early afternoon as we had to get back down to San Diego.


This DC was moved front-and-center later on and was getting all kinds of attention.


Drag CRX from Whitfield Mfg getting pulled off its trailer…


As we headed out, this was what the GA lot looked like after just a few hours from opening. Crazy!

Overall, it was a great turnout and I think the venue/organization was improved from last year. It’s awesome to see the scene still alive and well, and to get out and see the faces and builds we don’t normally run into during the rest of the year. As I mentioned, Tim and I are still Honda owners and I think regardless of whether that changes, this community will always be a part of us.

Looking forward to attending again next year. Eibach — thanks for having us!

– Matt


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