Speed Ventures @ Auto Club Speedway 022313

Words by Matt Willis

A couple weeks ago, I attended another track day with Speed Ventures at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. After improving my lap times at Streets of Willow with my new seat and a little more confidence, I thought I could do the same at the ACS so I figured I’d give it a try. A friend of ours, Ham, was also running his Miata on track.

By day-end, my times went from a 2:15 down to a mid (and fairly consistent) 2:12. Fairly pleased, but I would still like to get under 2:10. I think some improvements on my driving line, some more aggression on certain turns and a front sway bar would help get it done. But that’s for another time…


The R’s Tuning was on site again.


They also brought out this orange R35…


…and this lime green M3.








Ham’s Miata passing through the front stretch.


Beautiful Maserati Granturismo.


Sunbeam Tiger. Awesome to see this classic roadster out on track…



Ariel Atom. There always seems to be one in attendance at ACS.



In the east garages, there were a slew of amazing 911 builds…






9K Racing’s R34 Skyline…






















Melanie did a few shotgun laps.



Ham doing some modeling as we were packing up at the end of the day.


Tim’s CB7 Accord catching the final glimpse of light.


Nice El Camino that was in the stall next to us all day.


That wraps up another great track day. Once again thanks to Aaron and the entire Speed Ventures crew for hosting.

Hope to get out there again soon! – Matt

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