This is reblogged on my latest blog project, Photomongatari, that contains much more than just cars. It is currently in it’s beginning stages, but I plan for this blog to extend to food, travel, and all sort of miscellaneous adventures. I’ve had a good amount of positive feedback with our posts on here like anime and comic conventions, photo trips out to the desert, and my travel series around the world. Since is a heavily automotive culture based blog, I decide to keep the automotive content here going and throw the rest of the content on this new blog. This doesn’t mean the other blog will not have any automotive content, just different kind. In addition, the Photomonogatari blog features posts from several other bloggers which should bring some new perspectives and more fresh and original content. Please give us some support in this new endeavor by following the blog and liking the Facebook page.

Novus Machine

Words by Tim Wong


Being deeply immersed in the automotive culture, I can’t help but take notice of the cars pretty much anywhere in the world. Hong Kong is most definitely not short of modified vehicles or automotive enthusiasts, but I don’t know anyone in Hong Kong who is in the car scene and there’s no local forums that I know of where I could find gatherings of automotive enthusiasts. So I just spotted cars all around the city along my travels.












This Evo was across the street when I noticed it, so I waited and snapped a couple more shots when it passed by.






Even time I pass by this location, I always see something interesting cars parked along side the Yoshinoya. This particular night, an old Mini and a R34 Skyline together which isn’t the most common sight.



Later that night, it was raining pretty hard and I…

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