B|B|I Autosport

Words by Tim Wong

Last week, a friend of mine came up from San Diego to go shopping for some racing seats so I just met up with him for the day. I brought my camera along just in case. I’m glad I did because coincidentally, I discovered the location of B|B|I Autosport was nearby which was hard to miss considering the line up of modified Porsche 911s and one Aston Martin. I wasn’t too familiar with the shop because I don’t own a Porsche 911 or a high end vehicle or any kind so there was no reason I would have known much about them.


I couldn’t resist, but browse around the cars up close. There were tons of other projects around the lot and the garage was opened too. One of things I learned was how much they work on Porsches because 90% of the cars there were 911s.






While I was inside, Betim Berisha graciously offered to show us around the shop and I was nothing short of eager to accept. He took us on a tour around the shop’s multiple rooms with each designated for a specific purpose.


One of the most uniquely awesome things in the shop was the clothing rack made from 997 GT3 Cup cam shafts and cam timing gears combined with an intermediate shaft from a GT3 RSR.




One of the things that surprised me was the amount of work they do in house. Things like performance parts, suspension, and even engine building are things to be expected from performance shops, but they even do their own fabrication work. There was a room for fabrication, one for engine building, and the main garage for putting together cars. My favorite room was the engine building room which had a window that you can look in from the lobby and watch them put together the many engines they have sitting around.






The garage had several cars up on the lifts for some work being done and fine tuning.







For a pretty brief visit to B|B|I Autosport, I had a great time taking a look at the facilities of the shop on a work day and the great cars around.

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  1. Loved the coatrack made of camshafts, my ex used to manufacture those parts! Great idea!

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