MOD 2010: Part One

Normally this would have been up by Sunday as the event was on Saturday, but the computer has been down for a few days and I needed to reinstall all my programs, so I’ve been working on that.

So, this past Saturday, I went up to check out MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) up in Cypress, CA. One thing I like about Mitsubishi and other car companies other than Honda is that they actually care about their customers and their “enthusiasts” following. Not dealerships, but the corporate side will organize these events that bring the community closer.

For the show, as expected, the Evolutions took most of the show, but unlike most people, I get bored of looking at the same car over and over again which directs my attention to all the “unsung” cars. Lucky for all you Eclipse, Starion, and other Mitsubishi guys.


Yes, there were other car guys besides Mitsubishi guys there. Obviously, not showing…well there were a few odd balls (a Integra, a R35…), they’re in the parking lot which had a few nice rides there too.




Very cool that they’d bring something like this out for us to see.




Oh snap. AMG.








That girl in the back thought I couldn’t see her trying to get in the picture.

I’ll post up the rest tomorrow. I don’t want people crashing their phones trying to view all these pictures.

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