Just watched the new release Predators. There are certainly mixed reviews about the movie from what I have seen so far, but this is certainly one of those movies that having a preconceived idea of the movie is good. First of all, everyone knows the Predator series along with the Alien franchise is all about fighting, killing, and all that good stuff with a mix of science fiction. Alien versus Predator (AVP) may have thrown in some storyline to tie the two series together which I thought was very well done, but its still about the awesome bloody fight scenes. This installment of the franchise should be no different. I went in thinking all I’m going to see epic battles with all the war tactics and such. Guess what I got. Exactly that. People fighting Predators, but hell, even with a bonus. Predator versus Predator. I was fully aware they were introducing a new species of Predators, but was under the assumption the “new Predators” were either a test specimen (AVPR) or possibly a replacement of the old Predators. It was actually just another breed of Predators like a different race of human. It was a good movie, but don’t go expecting anything beyond that. I heard people coming out of the theater saying it was bad, but I don’t know what they were expecting. The franchise has been this successful because it is what it is.

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