HRE Wheels Open House 2014: Part Two

Words by Matt Willis

Some additional photos and more great cars from the recent HRE Open House event! Enjoy…


Ferrari 365 Coupe…


This “Razor Spyder”  is a modified outfit of the Audi R8, done by the German tuning company PPI. With a full carbon fiber body, this R8 cuts about 500 pounds of weight. In addition to the lighter body, PPI also reworked and retuned the engine, fueling, and cooling dynamics on the Razor to generate up to 600-horsepower.


A hard-top version of the Razor, originally built in Germany, also exists. On the test track (according to PPI) it reached 206 mph.


The interior has also been touched up by PPI, with custom seats, trim and colors.


Another classic Ferrari, the 246 Dino, in Giallo Yellow.


Lamborghini Gallardo with a touring-car-style build, brought out by Famous Autosports in Chastworth…


Tesla Model S. Looks great on HREs.


Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 Roadster…


I loved this McLaren MP4 on the new HRE RS103 series wheels…



Great looking wheel for this car…


Back outside of the warehouse now…


Crawford brought out a couple of BRZ builds…



Porsche 991 Carrera S with an Akrapovic exhaust. Beautiful looking car…


Wrapped 996 GT2 that we’ve seen several times before a few times…


A 997 GT3 on what looks to be HRE P40SC…


Loved the two colors on this 991…


Trifecta of exotics all wearing pearl white…


…and a trifecta of Nissan GTRs…


Two H1’s were posted up out front. Notice the Elise to the right hiding…


Sharp WRX STI on bronze HRE C103…


Tim and I both liked this 2nd-generation Silverado…


Trucks have really evolved so much in the last few decades, and really – other than show trucks and hot rods – most of them have fallen off the map. Seeing ones like this, that are nicely restored but not over-customized, is both refreshing and very unique these days…


More 930 Carreras…


More HRE-equipped cars out front, including the SL we saw earlier…


Maserati MC12 from Symbolic…


Jon Parot’s Aston Martin V12 Vantage, a car we’ve featured here a few times, was immediately out front.


Brilliant ’69 Camaro pulling into the HRE lot…


By the time we wrapped up and headed out, there was a pretty massive crowd around the facility. Once again, HRE hit it off with another great open house. Thanks for having us, and we look forward to visiting again soon!

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