I ♥ Honda Festival at Auto Club Speedway

Words by Matt Willis

Last weekend, Tim and I paid a quick visit to Auto Club for a few different events. What was initially supposed to be a day on the track for both of us ended up turning into all photo work, simply because our cars we less-than-ready.

The advantage, though, was that I didn’t have to wake up at 5am as is normally the case on track day mornings. We got to ACS around 9:30 and there was a fair amount going on. Extreme Speed Track Events was running the infield course (instead of the Roval), there was a NASCAR ride-along event taking place around the oval and pit lane, and the main reason we went – the I ♥ Honda Festival – near the infield lot.


We were greeted immediately by the iconic blue and yellow that represent Spoon Sports.


There were a number of nice Hondas around the Spoon/GOTuning booth.


…This one being on of my all-time favorite Hondas. Not because of all the Spoon gear per se, but more because this almost exactly how I would envision my ideal EG6 build. Spoon has always brought a nice balance of quality, simplicity, and performance with their components. Although actually purchasing Spoon parts comes at a cost comparable to doing an all-out high performance overhaul, I still like the idea of it. It doesn’t take too much away from the original car.


Captiva Blue Pearl (B-62P, heh) is also one of my favorite OEM Honda colors. I had long considered repainting my faded Milano Red coupe in Captiva Blue, but didn’t have the time or resources to spray the entire frame and ended up just respraying the same color. Maybe if I ever do another Civic project.



Pristine interior with EG6 SiR cluster, Spoon wheel, seats and shift knob, Takata belts.


Back to the engine bay, we find more Spoon components, such as the OEM replacement water hoses and spark plug cords.


Spoon engine torque damper, strut tower bar and reservoir sock…


Hell, it even has a Spoon battery.


This car also has my favorite wheels, the 2nd gen Desmond SW388, mounted with Spoon lug nuts. Spoon mono block calipers provide effective stopping power.


The Spoon CR-Z, which I last saw at the SEMA show in 2013, was here too.


In addition, their classic 3rd-generation Civic EA-T was present as well. Neither of these vehicles are just garage queens. In fact, both cars took turns on the ACS infield track, driven in part by Formula Drift champion Dai Yoshihara.




Jason Truong’s Fit, which I haven’t seen in a long time.


The Buddy Club Fit was here too.


The new “9.5” Civics are selling fast, thanks to much needed styling updates by Honda. The Si in particular is selling out of most dealers before inventory can even be built. Here was a new red Si from Ballade Sports.



Turbo S2000 CR in Apex Blue…



Loved this K-swap S2000 from Ballade Sports.



Eibach Multi-Pro R2 suspension setup.




The infamous Rywire Civic EA-T…



Wilwood had a booth set up for their brake components…











Nice H22 setup in this Prelude.


This hatch has some nice features, including a supercharged K-series…



Rear underbody diffuser and J’s carbon wing…


Oh, and an RSX interior conversion to boot. I have to say that while I don’t seem to like the RSX dash inside an RSX, I do like it in this EG. I also like the placement of aftermarket gauges (above radio and one in the brake tray). Would be interesting to see the work that went into it…



Nicely done EM1 Civic Si with Mugen components…


Tim and I both fell for this CRX. Mainly because it appeared to be all original (except the RT615Ks, haha…) and kept in excellent shape.








A few different CR-Z builds…




Really over-the-top NSX build. It definitely fits the bill for a show car; no stone was left unturned on this project.



Before heading out, we checked out the ACS paddock.




Nice GT40…






Loved this EK…


That’s it for last weekend’s events at ACS. Hope you enjoyed the read!


4 responses to “I ♥ Honda Festival at Auto Club Speedway”

  1. WhoisAnts Avatar

    you missed my buddy’s K20R swapped Lotus Exige on the other side of the garages. Great pics!

  2. Kenny Avatar

    Great photos !

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