LT Motorwerks Open House 2014

Words by Matt Willis

In spite of missing this event last year, I conveniently found myself in the SGV at the time of this year’s LTMW Open House meet – so I decided to stop by. Tim had covered this event for the past two years, and each time I go back through the archived coverage I felt like I missed out on seeing some very nice BMW builds.

However, I have to say I didn’t feel the same way while I was in attendance this year. I felt lost, confused, and just a tad uncomfortable – like I do at most car meets in general. Not to bag on LT Motorwerks at all; in fact, I have fallen in love with several of their sponsored builds. It was just, the meet itself seemed in disarray. I found myself wondering where the original BMW following even was. But since the former “LTBMW” has now been opened up their frame of mind to more than just the one brand (hence the shortening to “LTMW”), I suppose the following has diversified too.

Case in point – this event is a meet, not a show. My expectations were only high based on coverage I had seen prior. I had a good time shooting, and there was definitely a wide variety of brands and builds on site at LTMW’s facility. See for yourself…






















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