California Festival of Speed 2014

Words by Matt Willis

Last month, we headed up to a familiar racetrack in Fontana for the California Festival of Speed. Since I hadn’t been before (or heard of it, for that matter),  I decided to look into it and apparently it is put on by the Porsche Club of America. In turn, the Festival of Speed has a very large roster of Porsche vehicles – from road cars looking for a thrill to fully assembled racing machines. There’s a small vendor alley behind the pit lane, making it a little more than just a themed track day.

Being a Porsche fan myself, this event was right up my alley. I love checking out Porsche builds, from old to new, and there was definitely a good spread here at the Auto Club Speedway…






Loved this Gulf-themed Carrera RS.




Among my favorite cars at the event was this TuSpeed RSR on black BBS center-lock wheels. If I had a late model 911, it would look very close to this…





Beautiful Porsche 935…



Looks like this set of tires may have went off-course a bit…



Throughout the day, some of the bigger racing teams spent time fine-tuning the cars…


…while the drivers got to have all the fun.









Gorgeous Porsche 912 Coupe in amazing condition. Love the color too…





I really enjoy when old and new technologies meet. I like the use here of the OEM style analog gauges with the race display in the middle.


Due to additional weight in the back, the performance impact on the rear brakes is increased. Though the fronts are still larger and do more work, the rears have to be balanced in.







Akrapovic had some of their beautiful titanium exhausts on display in the vendor section…


Ferrari Enzo from CnC Exotics…


This company had a very nice racing simulator (and very expensive, at that), set up here at Auto Club Speedway. The demo features a couple laps…in a Porsche…around Auto Club Speedway. Haha…it looked very realistic and the hydraulic seat dynamics are probably where most of the money comes in to play…


This guy was driving around in an old Porsche tractor…


We saw this stunning 356 in the parking lot…


BMW Isetta also rolling around the garage areas…


We saw this gem towards the end of our day, and it instantly became one of myother favorites from the Festival. There’s not a whole lot to it, but I suppose that’s what makes it irresistible to me. If I had a classic 911, it would look more like this.





Thanks for reading!

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