Slammed Sundays

Words by Tim Wong


The Slammed Sundays meet has been going on for a while now, but I never really had a chance to make it out to the event since it takes place down in Costa Mesa at Illest on Sunday evenings. I was heading up from San Diego and decided to make a stop on my way to check out the event. This meet was surprisingly big for what I was expecting. The cars filled the street and surrounding parking lots.






Red Supra line up. Upfront is Brendan Taft’s Supra.



A pair of VIP vehicles seen at the VIP Festival. The Nissan Quest with a Elgrand front end from SEMA has been showing up to quite a few events lately.









This event felt a little bit like Cruising Grand in Escondido with cars lining the street and cruising up and down.








Randy Goco’s BMW 3-series






As the sun set and night fell, I went to take a look at the Illest shop where they had the Datsun Skyline GTR from SEMA parked into the window. They had Vitamin Water available and a DJ playing music over the course of the event.





The shop was closing up and a couple of us were hanging out for a while before heading out for some food.




Hanging with my fellow eFamous photographers: Randy Goco (Goco Photography) and Jordan Adkins (220photo).


The darker it got, the harder it was to make our awesome Hipstagram pictures.



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