CBAD Cars: SEMA Bash [Part One]

Words by Tim Wong


This past weekend, the weekly CBAD Cars meets held a special SEMA Bash edition event which featured a couple SEMA cars and also a post meet cruise to Barrel Harbor Brewing in Vista.


Mickey Andrade brought out his latest project, a E91 wagon featuring a Liberty Walk kit and HRE S107s. The car also has his signature highlighter yellow like his Honda Civic and AE86.



Agent47’s Harbinger was also there which we will show a better look at later in part two.


White on white Audi RS5 on HRE P101s



As a big fan of Mercedes AMGs, these two generations of E63 wagons was pretty awesome to see.


The gunmetal Forgestar CF5s goes really nicely with the car as well.



Not everyday one sees a GMC Typhoon.


The hawkeye Subaru WRX STI is always stunning even when stock; easily the best looking generation of the STI.





Corvette Z06 on HRE 563Rs





A couple of motored two wheelers were also at the meet.




Two generations of Toyota Celicas



First generation Viper is a car I’ve always liked since it came out and the fact that it had its own television show only made it better.



This Ford Falcon was pretty usual because they cut the fenders to fit the massive wheels and tires which makes for an aggressively look.



After the meet, the gathering cruised over to Barrel Harbor Brewing which will continue in part two.


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