Holy Smoke and Sweet Desire

Words by Tim Wong


Couple weeks ago, I took a trip to Carlsbad Cars, the weekly local San Diego meet, before I headed up to Sevenstock at Auto Club Speedway. Every Saturday morning, the Carlsbad Outlet parking is filled with an assortment of cars from old to new of all makes.




I’m a pretty big fan of classic 60s Ford Mustangs so this fastback hit a home run with me.






The new 4-series from BMW. It’s not bad looking, but nothing particularly good looking about it either. The main thing I really hate about the car is the name. BMW should have kept the 3-series the coupe and made the 4-series the sedan since the first M3 was a coupe and 4-series would make sense since it’d have 4 doors.






This 240SX had a pretty gnarly drag set up with a turbocharged LS swap and drag slicks in the rear.










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