Dayuum, Another Guppy’s

Words by Tim Wong


Another year of the Dayuum site taking place at another anniversary event at another grand opening of Guppy House, but this time in Chino Hills. The last year’s event was pretty packed and this year started off slow, but filled up later on. Normally I wouldn’t have even bothered with this small events for coverage, but I stopped by to see some friends and hit up KINOD afterwards.


The place wasn’t too hard to find with the usual light show to pin point the spot.


This particular location utilizes this internet famous fire pit glass in their outdoor patio which is pretty cool to see.


Meanwhile in the car meet event outside, the lot was filling up with people and cars.


A couple of Lamborghini Diablos parked up front along with a couple other high end cars.



As I love to see some Mercedes, I spotted these two Black Series off to the side.



The event also had a raffle going on giving away various items from phone chargers to air suspension.


Some nice classic Japanese cars, mostly Datsuns, out at the event like this Datsun Z on Panasports.


Datsun Sunny


Datsun 510



A pair of nice Toyota Supras parked in the back



Next to them, there was this supercharged Honda S2000.




I spotted my cousin, Joey Lee, rolling in with his Infiniti Q45. He also runs The Chronicles blog which is having their anniversary event at Eibach Springs next weekend which I will be going to as well.








Vick Chandra’s black Evolution with sporting yellow trim


Someone shooting with a drone over the night


Spotted Jon B’s NA Miata in a nearby lot before KINOD later that night.


As I was leaving, I grab a couple shots of this Bug in baja form.


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