Nisei Showoff 2013

Words by Matt Willis

It seems like just yesterday we found ourselves in the scorching summer heat of downtown Los Angeles at 2012’s Nisei Showoff event. These days, its getting harder and harder for us to catch a break with so much stuff going on. Now that we’re heading full-speed into fall, we’ve got the Coronado Speed Festival and the most notable 2013 SEMA Show on our radar.

During Nisei Week, at Alameda and First, you’ll often find an intimate little car show going on. It’s called Nisei Showoff and this year’s was actually one of the largest we’ve attended. To my knowledge, the show management has gone into new hands since last year’s event and it is definitely evident. There was a significant amount of promotion this year, along with all sorts of cars and vendors attending.  They also teamed up with StanceNation to further expand the event’s horizon. There were quite a few attendees too, more than usual I’d say.  While it was still definitely warm out, it was nowhere near as hot as the 2012 gig…so that probably contributed to the event’s great turnout.

Intimate is a word I like to use when describing the Nisei show. Something about the venue and the people that attend really make the event very personal and true to the community. Unlike other “shows” where it’s all about marketing, music and models…Nisei seems to be a little more calm, relaxed and just that…intimate. You can spend time with the cars here without being too distracted.

Last year was a prime example. Despite the heat, it was still one of my favorite events to this day. The “Generations” lineup organized by the Chronicles was just awesome. And I remember going car to car and just noticing the details and dedication that went into every single build. At other shows, we’re often worried about getting shots or just finding the best couple of builds from the floor, before the terrible music and crowded atmosphere eventually drives us away. For some reason, that doesn’t happen at Nisei and I believe that’s why we come back year after year.


The Nisei venue is cast with a background of the Los Angeles skyline.





We arrived around mid-morning. Show participants were still getting situated and detailing the cars…



The iconic Liberty Walk BMWs…






Loved this 996 on Work Meisters…


Armand Pranadi’s MR2 making an appearance…


Another beautiful 911…


Kane Chan’s EJ1, a build I have looked up to for several years now.




Perhaps one of the rarest cars here was this Toyota Sports 800 roadster…




Joey Lee’s Odyssey looking like it just came from the paint shop…








Tim and I both really adored this S2000 from GOTuning…




Perhaps one of my favorite builds from the show was this 8th gen Civic Si. It was a simple and effective approach to a mild road race build.







Nice DC Integra with UKDM and Mugen styling…


If any car stood out from the rest, it was this beautiful ’70 Chevelle SS…



Interesting paint on this Passat…



Of course, the Honda scene made a great impression on it’s own. These two CRX’s were flawless.



Love the louvers on this hatch…


Couple of beautiful EH/EG hatchbacks…




I saw this red DC here last year, and it’s just as pristine this time around. Amazing build…



Timeless Spoon-themed EM1 that has been around for many years now. Still never get tired of seeing it in person…




This Mugen-themed S2000 is so sharp.


The engine bay is even better.



David Andrade’s beautiful EJ1…



Though simple and a little unconventional, I took a liking to this Sunset Orange TSX…



Another Spoon-theme, this time on an H-equipped CB7 Accord…


Up front was this R34 Skyline…



I liked how aggressive this FR-S was, compared to most of the other ones we’ve been seeing out there…



That wraps up our photos and thoughts on this year’s Nisei Showoff event. We look forward to the next one!

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