Motor Union 4

Words by Tim Wong


One of the San Diego’s few great car gatherings is the annual Motor Union by 5&A Dime. Motor Union has usually been a small show compared to the big LA and OC events, but the difference is that the community is closer. San Diego has always been a supportive automotive community that brings the car scene together. Since the first Motor Union a few years ago which took place is a very small parking lot across from 5&A Dime in the heart of Downtown San Diego, this event is grown bigger each year and now with people coming down from up North.



I missed last year’s event after the new venue, but I’m glad to see it at Green Flash Brewing again. It’s one of my favorite spots because it’s relatively close to my house and the selection is large at a decent price.


Inside the brewery was many cars park around and packed full of people trying out beers.





Outside, the parking lot was completely filled up with cars.


This orange Integra is a car I only ever see at San Diego events. It is a pretty interesting build with one of the most notable items being the carbon fiber dashboard which I never see anywhere.


This hot rod had a nice piston shift knob.




I loved the wide diversity of cars at this event with classics and current cars, import and American, all mixed together. This is how the car scene in general should be.






This silver Infiniti M45 on TE37SL is a killer combination. The wheels just working really nicely with the body lines of the Y34.


This is Scion xB with the rare Rocket Bunny kit.





I like seeing cars with a nice shade of green which isn’t as common as it used to be. Not just the car scene, but even manufacturers don’t offer green as much as they used to. Teal and Takata green are not consider nice shades of green in my book either.



Nit’s S2000



David’s Corolla wagon


A line of Datsun 510s with some really exceptional builds


This green one on Watanabes was probably my favorite because of the condition and the motor was stock. It’s not that I don’t like swaps, but sometimes with classic cars like this, the pure sound of the carbureted engines are what makes driving these cars all the more special.




Another 510, but this one swapped with a SR20 and an engine bay to envy just looking at that well kept condition.



Jon’s new Aston Martin V12 Vantage after upgrading from his V8 Vantage and still rocking HRE wheels



One of my favorites of the day was this Boss 302 Mustang


Lincoln’s greatest car with suicides doors showing everyone how much of a bad ass you are



Wrapping up this post with a couple cars sitting on the street at the event.



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