The Usual Cup

Words by Tim Wong


Back at the weekly morning meet in Irvine, Cars and Coffee, it has been months since I’ve made it out to this meet because as surprising as it may be, it does get old. Occasionally, there are some highly out of the ordinary cars at the meet and by out of the ordinary, I mean from the usual bunch at the meet. Cars and Coffee is a great mix of cars every week, but it does tend to be the same group of cars. After they set a bunch of rules regarding cars allowed into the event, I’d expect to see some fresh cars. I can’t say this week was all that impressive because I have seen most of the cars there and posted most of them on here before so I was looking for some new cars to post.


A pair of Lamborghini Aventadors which will be seen later that morning at the Lamborghini Newport Beach meet.


Ultimate Shield brought out this rat rod.


Widebody E92 M3



Great looking blower on this Camaro







Lancia Scorpion



Ford GT40 parked next to a Shelby Cobra 427






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