Back on the Road

Words by Tim Wong


A couple weeks ago, I had a chance to shoot this Mazda RX-7 that just returned to the streets after being tucked away in a hangar. Will just picked this car from a collector for a great deal and he contacted me about a shoot. I thought I’d try out a new location and we headed West toward the sea.


We had a small hill climb to the top which had a bit more traffic than I was hoping since the road didn’t really go anywhere.


At the top, we had a great view of California coast.


Some interesting cars passed by on our shoot.



Back to the RX-7, this car was in such great condition with everything working. It has a mere 47000 miles on it as it spent quite a bit of time being not driven in shelter. Finding a RX-7 in good condition (and running) is pretty hard, but finding a turbo model is even harder especially with such low miles.






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