Morning Dosage

Words by Tim Wong


Saturday mornings are usually filled with my morning dosage of high octane and supercars. After Cars and Coffee Irvine, Lamborghini Newport Beach hold a monthly supercar meet at their dealership. This is my first time checking out this meet and since the Cars and Coffee meet wasn’t too exciting, I got there rather early and caught most of the cars rolling in. Throughout the morning there were some fantastic cars that showed up.


Matte white wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo





Lamborghini Aventador Roadster





There was a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sitting in the showroom.




A pair of Mclaren MP4-12Cs










The white painted Delorean I’ve been seeing a lot of lately.


I really like the gated shifter piece which is a pretty hard to come by item.



The Koenigsegg CCX was pretty much what we call a showstopper because everyone pretty much dropped everything when this car rolled in.



After it parked, there was a solid crowd around the car.



Shortly after, these T-REXs rolled in.


Before seeing one in person, I always thought this was a stupid vehicle because trikes in general are pretty lame. Now that I got a up close look, they have a certain flair about them that I can see appeal. I do like rear view of these things because of the some futuristic raw machinery appearance.



The interior is designed very much after a motorcycle which isn’t surprising. The mirrors have a nice design I find.


Considering the price tag on these, I don’t like the NRG steering wheels because they are a cheap solution for a steering wheel.


They also have a sequential transmission, but I have my doubts about how comfortable that shifter is.



It looks like a pretty fun car to play with whenever I don’t have to carry anything with me to where ever I need to go.



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