HRE Open House ’13

Words by Matt Willis

Last weekend, the three of us made sure we were in San Diego for one of the more notable (and one of our favorite) events of the year. It’s been going on for a few years now, and each year it continues to grow in popularity and attendance. What started as simply a way to make HRE known in the wheel market has now become the so-called “Eibach” of high-end cars, in the sense that it takes place at their production facility and all. In fact, if the growth trend continues on the same path, you can bet the event will probably be expanding within the next few years.

I can say that this year’s open house was definitely the best yet, for a number of reasons. The photos should do justice…


Heavy Hitters’ Aventador first up…



Custom 930 from BBI Autosport. There are so many performance tweaks to this air-cooled ’85, but regardless I can’t get over the look. Between the bumper, wheels and ride height…something does not flow…



Porsche Carrera GT. Been a while since we’ve seen one of these…


The famous RWB/E-Garage 993 has taken a new direction. It now wears chrome and features custom black HRE 501’s…


I still dislike 993’s altogether, but I think this is the best form of this particular build yet.


HRE S101 on display…


Beautiful red Gallardo SV rolling through…


The area inside the warehouse is normally reserved for flagship cars or knock-your-socks-off type builds. This year was no exception.


Aston Martin V12 Vantage parked humbly in front of Gas Monkey’s insane Ferrari F40 build…


We featured the Aston Martin owner’s previous car, a V8 Vantage, on the site as part of a photo shoot earlier this year. I have to say, engines aside, the black/silver finish contrast looks amazing on the V12. It’s a more traditional look but it’s still sharp and timeless.



Now, let’s note how rare it is to see a stock Ferarri F40, let alone any sort of modified one. Gas Monkey Garage, of Dallas, TX., had the nerve to tamper with such a pure formula. The result, however, was astonishing. This has to be one of the most amazing cars I’ve ever seen.









Creations’n’Chrome’s show-stopper 5.0 that we saw at last year’s SEMA Show in Vegas…



Crazy engine and F/I setup. It’s strange to see the engine sitting so far back in the bay…


Tesla S on custom-finished P40SC. Very sleek.


Creations’n’Chrome’s previous Mustang build, that we saw at this very same location last year…


Lamborghini Aventador on the lift…


I thought it would be cool to see the undercarriage, but I should have known it’s all gusset plates and diffusion…haha…



Ferrari 458 Italia…


Aventador sporting custom-colored S104s.


Mel playing with a Corgi…



Liberty Walk M3 that debuted at Autocon earlier this month.


I love the WTCC theme on this 3 Sedan. The 320si WTCC is one of my list of favorite race cars, so it’s great to see some homage towards it…



E30 with Cibie lamps and an interesting lip support…


Ford GT…


Loved this emerald-color 930…






The back lot was FULL…first open house that I’ve seen that entire lot filled up.


eGarage GT500 “Eleanor”…






Viper GTS…


Been a while since we saw this Corolla.


…it features the F engine from an S2000.


Ferarri 458 cockpit…


Nicely done 997.


The Mustang from Fast and Furious 6…


Gallardo Superleggera on black  P40SC.


More beautiful HRE’s on display out front…

That’s it from HRE headquarters in Vista, CA. Thanks for having us…

Looking forward to next year’s event!


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