goldRush Rally on Wilshire

Words by Tim Wong


goldRush Rally is a road rally type of event that consists of people with high end or unique vehicles driving across the United States. The rally is an annual event and this is their fifth year organizing the event. The event kicked off this year in San Francisco and the second city on the schedule was Los Angeles which is where I decided to check out the cars.


The location was the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica off of Wilshire.


This was my first time checking out the event because I usually couldn’t be bothered with “car spotting” as it is really just standing around on the streets waiting for cars to pass by. There were a surprising amount of people there and random people consistently asking what everyone was there for. At some point I got fed up with answering the question “who was there” so I started telling them random celebrities were there from Vanilla Ice to the Spice Girls. Then some guys apart from our group decided to do the same thing and tell people Justin Beiber was there.


From what we were hearing, the cars were running late and as we were waiting around, we just looked at all sorts of interesting cars rolling through. Some were there for the event and some were not which isn’t surprisingly since the area wasn’t exactly what you would call poor.



While everyone was eying the red R35 GTR in the background, I was paying attention to the black Charger which is so much rarer around here.



Team Zombie Hunters arriving in a Ford Raptor.



I do like the classic Mercedes four seater drophead look. Quite a stylish way to cruise around town.


Interesting to see a Tesla S participating in the rally this year.



GoldRush Rally '13

Since Mel and I were out there shooting, we could cover both sides of the street simultaneously.










Someone was running a drone over the place catching some aerial shots.


This Mclaren MP4-12C stirred a significant amount of internet attention after a massive crash in Texas where is ran into a storage facility.



Rawserati rolling in to the Fairmont



A pair of Mclarens with the Taylor Lynn Foundation themed wrap.



The “Batventador” arrived, it had quite a spectacle in the middle of the street for a couple minutes with some high revving and spitting fire.








Santa Monica police showed up probably due to the commotion of event, but instead of helping, they started to block the flow of traffic and made things worse. Eventually, they left and things were flowing again.




A white painted DeLorean was a unique sight to behold. I’m sure some would prefer the original stainless steel look, but having a painted DeLorean is something the stands out from the rest. I’ve only seen one other painted Delorean and it was a glossy black.



GoldRush Rally '13

Gulf Racing livery Aston Martin




Considering how many pictures I took in just the couple hours at the event, I have plenty of more shots not fitted into this post so you can see more here in the full gallery.

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