Road Race Engineering Toy Drive 2012

Words by Tim Wong

Today I heard about Road Race Engineering hosting a toy drive and decided to stop by. I have actually never been to Road Race Engineering before, but as soon as I arrived I was greet by Joon Maeng, professional drift in the Formula Drift series and pilot behind the Road Race Engineering Nissan S13. From my impression of Road Race Engineering beforehand, they seemed to specialize in Mitsubishi vehicles and that’s pretty much true. It was mostly an Evolution populated meet which fine, but the shop did have a pair of old school Evolutions in the garage. I did not stay too long as I had other things to do, but it was interesting to check out the facility.


[Click image to enlarge panorama]


A look inside the shop and a pair of Evos.


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI







Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III






It looks like these guys like create some sculptures from car parts in their free time.



Joon Maeng’s Nissan 240SX S13 powered by a big V8 was out on display up front.





Toy donations starting to fill up the car for the toy drive, but it was still early.


Road Race’s Mitsubishi 4th generation Eclipse. I remember seeing this car a couple years ago at MOD (Mitsubishi Owners Day).


This was not a huge meet, but there was enough cars to fill up the area.















[Click image to enlarge panorama]

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