Mash-UP 2 | DaYUUM’s One-Year Anniversary + Guppy House’s Grand Opening

Words by Tim Wong


This Friday night was DaYUUM’s one year anniversary which was held the the grand opening on the new Guppy House in Temple City. I don’t really personally follow DaYuuM, but I know people who work closely with the group so I made my way out there to just to show some support and snap a couple shots here and there. This event was coordinated rather well as they had a permit. There was a massive turn out for the event, so much to the point that there was traffic throughout the parking lot. I was by no means really out there to do any serious shooting due to the lack of decent lighting and there was no reason for me to whip out any lighting equipment with the massive amount of people around.



There was some pretty nice cars present there. Up front, they have some high end exotics like a Diablo, F430, CLK AMG, among a variety of cars.


I have to admit the extremely bright purple light from the Guppy House neon sign was mildly troubling for white balance.



This Porsche had a nice color that really caught my attention. It had a Midori Green like color which it very rare sight on a Porsche.



Corolla TE72 with a historical plate














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