Streets of Willow Twilight Event 070712

Words by Matt Willis

Last weekend, I headed up to the Streets of Willow in Rosamond for a twilight run. The event was hosted by Extreme Speed Track Events.

Since my last event, I made some adjustments to the car, including a new K-Tuned shifter (more fit to my height) and a S2 VTEC solenoid which made the transitions between cam profiles much smoother (no more pressure codes). In addition, I fixed the brake pedal issues and all the other nonsense that I was experiencing at Fontana. Overall, the car ran great and I had a blast.

The track itself is unique in the fact that it’s pretty much built on the side of a mountain. Running in counter-clockwise format, the track runs mostly uphill, with a shorter downhill section that returns to the front stretch in a hurry. Being my first time at this course, it took me a bit to get used to some of the corners. And just as I was figuring it out, the sun went down and things got very…dark. Despite some lighting on the corners, the entire back half of the track was pretty much in shadows. It got tricky remembering where the fast and slow points were, but after I few runs I grew accustomed to it once again.


We arrived at around 4 PM, slightly after roll call but the prior event was running slightly behind so it was fine. I began to check my car and get ready for my first run, while Tim went to see who was out running.





Brave soul or brilliant driver?

Evos, Subarus and other 4WD cars were plentiful as Extreme Speed was also hosting the AWD Challenge Series here simultaneously.


Beautiful CTR…

Me going into turn 1. It’s perhaps the most fun turn on the track…without power steering though, you really have to muscle it all the way through…

I think I see liftoff…




Chrome Shelby Cobra headed to the grid…







One car that been an inspiration to me for many years is Katman’s EG6. He is always pushing it to the limits and out at the track showing stronger cars that Hondas are equally as powerful, just in a different way.


Jerel from K.R.O.P.S. running his Miata…


More of the FF Squad guys…







Didn’t notice until just now, but there’s a Spoon EK cluster in this car…


Although the sun was just on the horizon, the track stayed hot…



“Half-time” parade laps…








Tim and I both liked this Evo X. Maybe it’s because the front end looks like a Subaru…haha…


Jerel’s Miata cooling off…


Me leading a parade lap…







Beautiful S…



Before the next set of runs took place, the AWD Challenge started. Competition heated up, and so did the brakes.






I think this guy ended up having some issues with his radiator later on…





Back in the paddock area (or parking lot, rather), I was prepping my car for the next run, which would be in the dark. Ryan’s 4-door (pictured) made it out after he got his tags and got the thing running. Good to see the progress…

I loved this 350Z on RE30s.

By the time I was up to run, the lights were out.






A lot more guts than I would have…


Sparks were flying…



I always felt as if I was turning as hard as possible through this turn, but when I look at these pics, I looks like James May cruising around town…haha. Maybe I need to get power steering…

William Plumstead’s and his 4G Eclipse going at it…



Rally lights…could’ve used those…







Thanks for reading! Next track event will be in mid-August, hopefully.

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