Tacos and Tuners 06292012 & 06152012

Words by Tim Wong

It has been some time since I’ve have the time to check out the local Tacos and Tuners meet in Encinitas, but they invited us back and we decided to check it out a couple times last month. The community has certainly grown a bit from when we last visited and I hope it continues to grow.


It is not uncommon to see a GTI with nice wheels, but HRE wheels do set it apart a bit.










Interesting Chrysler 300 with an Avenger front end








This red E30 M3 was something really nice too see. Everything from the inside and out I liked. From the BBS wheels to the interior matching tan Recaro seats was just perfect.








An authentic imported RHD R32




Now this Civic hatchback was something I was not expecting to see. Inside and out, the owner stuck with the SIR-S theme and it impress both myself and Matt. The interior had a Gathers system, Momo steering wheel, and even the SIR seats.











One response to “Tacos and Tuners 06292012 & 06152012”

  1. Phil Kostka Avatar

    love the color combo on the infinity g

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