HIN @ Pomona Fairplex

Words by Tim Wong

Hot Import Nights has always been one of the big import shows that attempts to retain the old glory days of the car scene back in the 90’s. Their last show at the convention center wasn’t as good as it could have been because the spaces were too tight and the lighting was nonexistent. I feel they improved greatly with the new venue by spacing out the cars. It was still daylight when I arrived around 2:30PM and spent some time walking around talking to some people since I was there to shoot Hot Import Nights not Hot Import Days.


One of the first cars to catch my eye was this black Mazda RX-7 with black SSRs. Then I saw a LS1 swap in the bay and that was just perfect.




I started out shooting the first two cars with a remote flash, but I felt I was losing the mood and feel of the show. HIN is really about creating the atmosphere of a car show and when you just light all the cars perfectly and remove all the background, you might as well just be doing a photo shoot anywhere.


A group of these Honda Civic EF hatchbacks situated together were cars I don’t believe I had seen anywhere before which is refreshing.





Big Mike’s Prelude with his newish set of wheels. I talked to him for a couple minutes, but he looked pretty tired.





Ninja Turltes themed van.



Cusco Subaru Legacy wagon we saw at SEMA last year. The lighting wasn’t as good as I’m making it seem to be.


Mitsubishi Eclipse from Road Race.


Volkwagen GTI slammed on a set of big HRE wheels.



Bride upholster baby seat.





The High End and Auto Concepts line up. It would be impossible for me to ever get sick of seeing these amazing builds.



Matte orange painted GTR we saw from last year’s SEMA. I do kind of miss the Eneos decals though.


Amazing red paint on this Mazda RX-7.


This Top Secret themed Toyota Supra is amazing inside and out.







Armand Pranadi’s Toyota MR2. I caught Armand by his car which he was watching all day because random people would try to steal stuff off his car. At one point, someone tried to steal his spec sheet which is just sad.


There were endless rows of BMWs which I’m not a huge fan of, but this one in particular was pretty impressive. The unique red paint and the aggressive widebody was pretty nice, but the engine was shaved to a extreme extend which isn’t common in the BMW scene.







Bisimoto’s CRZ






When the light was finally gone outside, I went to the outside space.



This is a car I have seen on numerous occasions and I hated the wheels it had before which were huge and awkward on this car, but this is a massive improvement.






Nissan 370Z with an Amuse Powerhouse kit



2 thoughts on “HIN @ Pomona Fairplex

  1. Great pics, sir! However, I have to point out that our GT-R isn’t wrapped. It’s actually a flat/matte paint. With so many cars being wrapped now, I know it’s probably gotten harder to tell the difference.

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