Woolery Garage Tech Day

Words by Tim Wong

This past Saturday, David Woolery was having a tech at his house for the Miata community which he is a respectable member of. I had met David on a couple occasions before who I mostly remembered him for his Pit Crew Miata and his Ariel Atom. Aside from a couple Miata meets, I saw him at a couple Cars and Coffee meets with his Atom. David had opened up his garage for tech days before which is something not many people do and I find that to be a great thing to do for the community. It was a busy day for me with the LTBMW meet and then HIN afterwards, but I made some time to stop by and greet the gracious host.


Right up in front of his house were parked his Ariel Aton and Lotus Exige. With his guest coming over to work on their cars, he had to pull out all his cars from the garage.





Off to the side, he had his vintage truck parked.


When I got there, David was doing some work on another classic.


His Pit Crew front end Miata




A couple cars pulling into the garage to get some work done. Shortly after, I had to head off to the LTBMW meet.





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