Words by Tim Wong


LTBMW were having a meet on Saturday which was obviously a large gathering of mostly BMWs. There were a couple other cars here and there, but predominately BMWs and most of which they were the new generations and not so many classics. One thing is for sure though; when BMWs roll, they roll deep.



A line up of purely white cars


Awesome E30 trailer from BMW Pedals which went hand in hand with the E30 they had on display



The problems that come with being low. This 350Z got stuck over a large speed bump and spend some time spinning his tires until he got free.


BMW 1 series. Aside from just seeing endless rows of BMW, there were endless cars with BBS LMs and BBS RSs.







See what I did there. There has to be more than two wheel choices for BMWs.


Now this metallic green BMW 3 series might have been one of my favorites that day. The unique sparkle paint and the neo-chrome Work Meisters was something I’d not normally take a liking to, but this just works so well. The track modifications such as the large rear spoiler and the splitters all around increased the aggressiveness of the E92 body styling. The large shiny brakes go nicely with the colorful wheels and the interior with the bucket seat and the roll cage was nicely done  as well.





Silver on silver. The rule of Volk TE37s go with any car and this is no different. Nice and simple.


This beautiful blue Lexus drew a pleasantly good amount of attention with the crowds which is much deserved. Everything about it from the colors to the wheels is just spot on.


A couple older BMWs lined up.









A lovely pair of Lotus’


Audi RS4



An entire line of purely BMW 5 series






Here’s something that caught my eye. I don’t really follow BMW all the closely so I wasn’t aware the new 3 series had come out and was rather impressed with the new look. The main thing that I couldn’t get enough of was the new headlight design which made it incredibly aggressive. With some interesting comments from our Facebook page about this car, the attention to the hood line has started to bother me. They literally just drew a line straight across the car which looks simple terrible.


The HRE wheels look really nice with this car too.





Matte blue wrap which upon close inspection wasn’t a particularly good job on the wrapping part. The car looked great with the color though.



One of the more unique BMWs at the meet


Awesome Toyota Tundra with bronze TE37s



After walking around outside, I took a peek into their shop facilities which were housing a couple cars.









That’s the end of the coverage from LTBMW. It was a great meet with a high attendance and some great cars. LTBMW was a great host with food and opening up their shop for everyone.

3 responses to “LTBMW Meet”

  1. Thanks for covering the event. The truck with the volks is a tundra. 😀

    1. Thanks for the correction. I still get the two confused as they keep getting bigger all the time.

  2. […] become an annual meet and I also covered the event last year when they were still using the name LTBMW. The meet has been consistently big and a large amount of BMWs show up. There were plenty of cars […]

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