Long Beach Hi-Performance Swap Meet

Words by Tim Wong


Ecology holds a “Hi-Performace” swap meet every three weeks in Long Beach. It is exactly what is sounds like: a swap meet for cars. There is all sorts of car related items for sale such as motors, wheels, and even whole cars. Most of the parts are for older American cars, but occasionally I found some parts for 90’s Hondas. The event is separated into two sections: the car corral and the swap meet. Some cars are there to be sold while others are just there to show. This is a pretty interesting event to check out and the crowd is pretty mix.


Rims and tires for sale. Most of the wheels you find are more classic styling for older cars.


Engines for sale.


There is a sea of body panels and trim parts that one would probably expect to find here. Not a whole lot of junkyards carry classic car parts as they used to.



Some people working on their bike in the back of a truck.


Endless shelves of model cars for sale.


Over in the car corral, there’s rows and rows of cars on display.


This truck caught my attention for a bit, mostly due to the blower like intake.


The Killer Glass radiator hose is kind of tacky though.



Pretty amusing. The interior was one of the more interesting parts. They lined the door panels and floor with old license plates and fitted some rotating seats.


Some lowrider limo type thing.




Insane car built purely for performance.





After a walk around the corral, I made my way over to another section of the swap meet.



Custom theme oriented fire extinguishers.


A pretty cool series of wooden cars.



A massive selection of vintage t-shirts featuring a different classic on every single one.



Miniature Mercedes 190SL


A whole Bel Air dashboard for sale.


Assorted steering wheels



Assorted flaskes. Even several Hello Kitty themed ones which is quite strange.

As this event is held from 6AM to 1PM, I don’t really find the need to be there the entire time, but there is quite a bit of things to see if you have not been before.

3 responses to “Long Beach Hi-Performance Swap Meet”

  1. I remember this I went 4 years ago was alot of fun

  2. fyi the truck doesnt have a blower, its just a blower-look ram-air intake on top of dual carbs on a high-rise intake manifold.

    1. Cool, thanks for the info and visiting.

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