Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show

Words by Tim Wong


A couple weeks ago, a couple friends and I went to check out the Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show after Cars and Coffee in Irvine. Imports@UCI is group of UCI students that created an on-campus car community similar to that of the Imports@UCSD community. As you can see, this community is a pretty successful as this is their 6th annual car show. This was my first time attending and the car scene in southern California showed its support in pretty good numbers. One thing I didn’t really think was fair was that the awards were like “Best of Show” and “Rarest Cars” so all the more prominent cars won. Cars like “Best Sleeper” or “Most Dirty” does give the students more of a chance to win since it really should be more about the students even if they are the host.


This pair arrived together which I can only assume a couple with a pair of S2000s. How nice.



This Amuse widebodied S2000 looked quite nice. S2000 is a great car to begin with, but isn’t exactly a really aggressive design so when combined with a kit like the Amuse widebody, the car becomes incredibly intimidating.




James Oliver’s Prelude



The ItsJdmYo NSX






Interesting graphics on the hood.


Camaro that won “Best Sleeper”. I don’t really see why since one expect a Camaro to be fast; force induction or not.


Interesting to see a few high end exotics in attendance. A Lamborghini Murciélago rolled in and I saw a young asian guy get out. Either UCI is breeding highly successful students or someone has some well off parents.



More S2000s


This is the DTM Autobody S2000 that has the green paint job and as you can see, they had the car wrapped with this matte grey color which I feel is an incredible improvement. The car was nice before, but I always felt the green paint was taking away from it.


Interesting to see a pretty pristine classic Camaro in a sea of imports.


I really like how the Voltex rear diffuser changes how aggressive that car looks.


This Nissan 240SX S14 may have been my favorite car at the show. The clean body lines and the clean color theme all around made this highly tasteful car in terms of modification.



This was generally a pretty chill show all around and I look forward to next year’s.

One thought on “Imports@UCI 6th Annual Car Show

  1. I think that blue Lambo is owned by Daniel Song. He’s built a pretty badass NSX a few years ago. I read he’s pretty involved with that usana pyramid scheme thing, which explains why he’s driving that. haha

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