Costa Mesa Car Meet

Words by Tim Wong

A local Thursday night meet was holding it’s first meet in Costa Mesa. There was a decent amount of interest on Facebook so I decided take a nice cruise on Pacific Coast Highway over to check it out. It was a good excuse for me to test out my new strobe setup.


A lovely first generation Subaru Impreza.



I spotted this Scion xB that has been making quite a bit of hype over at the Wrong Fitment Crew meet in Santa Monica this past weekend which I did not attend due to the fact I know how poorly it turned out last time at the Hellaflush meet. This was a car I recognized from some Wekfest coverage online and found some impressive work put into it.




Later on in the evening, I spotted Jason with his Honda Fit. I was talking to him for a bit and found out he was hitting up Chuckwalla Raceway on Sunday which I will be posting the coverage soon.

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