Cars and Coffee 02112012

Words by Tim Wong

Another day and another Cars and Coffee post. This was just last weekend’s meet up and I decided to stop by right before the annual UCI (University of California Irvine) car show. There a couple of guys who were going to the show so I met up with them in the morning before rolling over to UCI together. It was a light drizzle that morning, but I never let that stop me and it looked like it was a Jaguar marquee day because the first that appeared was a lot of E-Types.


It looked like a bad day to bring out the roadsters because it looked like they couldn’t bring up the tops on some as they didn’t have any.






I caught a white Lamborghini Aventador rolling in. Hearing that V12 soundtrack in the morning is a nice way to start the day off.





Red Mist’s Mustang from Kick-Ass more or less. It was the same body kit and about the same color theme overall.


Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2 is a rare sight. Interesting to see such a straight lined body come from Aston Martin when they are known for their beautiful curved body lines.



Rossion Q1, a slightly redesigned Nobel M400. It has been a while since I saw one which was at Carlsbad Cars.




It never ceases to be amusing to see Caterhams. They are the very basis of all British sports cars with the mentality of less is more similar to Lotus who now owns Caterham.


I had first saw the Vector a couple weeks ago and now another one has appeared. This one is the hardtop version in another interesting old 90’s color.



A close look at all the futuristic and quirky designs for the interior. Look at the funky green handled lever on the door jam, I can only assume it’s a fancy door handle.













The amount of Lamborghinis parked in the last row was pretty impressive. There was a massive growing crowd around the Aventador as is played a range of notes from it’s V12.






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  1. Jack Fischbein Avatar

    Great pics of Jaguar E-Types. Check out Italian cars here:

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