Cars and Coffee 02042012

Words by Tim Wong

Today, I just got back from a cruise on the 101 and some shooting. There will be plenty of shot and some video of that. This is just another Cars and Coffee from two weeks ago and it was another morning full plenty rare and interesting cars.




Trans Ams are something one doesn’t see too often especially in such immaculate condition, but one like this one is supposed to be even harder to find. The interesting thing was that this was one of two in attendance.



Many have seen this white SL65 AMG with a widebody kit from Misha Designs on many occasions. The making of this car is posted online and easily found because the work and time that went in to it was quite amazing to watch a regular Mercedes transform into the aggressive show monster it has become.




Nissan GTR R35 with a interesting shade of red painted on a set of HREs.





Cars you really don’t see much else where besides a extremely mixed car meet like Cars and Coffee.



As impressive as this red supercharged classic is, I’m not exactly sure what the metal tubing that tuck under the hood do aside from being a decorative piece.




Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren displayed in all its butterfly door glory.



Another Trans Am of the similar model before.



I’ve never really been a fan of Volkwagen, but this Type 2 was pretty well modified. The whole “hippy-dippy” flower designs on it are nicely done and the interior had a pretty impressive setup as well.




This Lincoln Continental was a pretty impressive build and it’s for sale. The air suspension setup was pretty fancy and high tech combined with the audio setup made a pretty awesome car.






A strange “Highlighter” Yellow colored Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.


The Bullrun Lamborghini Murciélago



A rare car. A Subaru Alcyone SVX. I recognized immediately because a friend of mine owns one and very proud of it. There wasn’t any reason he should be either, the massive 3.3-liter boxer engine was once Subaru’s largest production engine until 2008.





A pair of 458 Italias.



Seen “Kick-Ass”? Remember Red Mist? Looks familiar doesn’t it?






Finding a woman who would put up with that on a cold Saturday morning is a keeper.








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