Words by Tim Wong

If you are familiar with the Honda community, you should be familiar with NWP4LIFE because it has become one of the more prominent Honda specific forums over the past several years. For those who don’t know, NWP stands for North Wood Pizza which was a popular meeting spots for some of the “OG” members. I have been a member on NWP4LIFE for a couple years now and never really had a chance to visit that place, but apparently it had all sorts of changes going on with it. You can find some more details over at The Chronicles.

NWP is located in Irvine which are sort of convenient since I could hit up Cars and Coffee beforehand and then roll over to the meet. Cars and Coffee ended at 9AM while the meet started at 11AM so I was finding things to do to stall. I ended up there pretty early and talked with some new people over some of NWP’s pizza.


A little too much meat for one pizza for me, but not bad.


It wasn’t a huge crowd out there.


This actually really caught my eye since it’s rather a rare sight to see a perfectly stock 5th generation Honda Civic Si.








Perfect. Everything from the black paint, the JDM front end conversion, and the Work RSZs is just spot on. Being a big DC2 Integra fan, I don’t dislike the Championship White or the Phoenix Yellow, but one doesn’t see black too often so it stands out amongst all the flash “look at me” colors. Too bad we don’t have Milano Red Type Rs here.








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