Japanese Classic Car Meet

Words by Tim Wong

Japanese Classic Car Meet in Torrance is a unique not because classic cars don’t have meets, but that they have a more regular monthly meet. It is rare that you see these cars at meets and shows outside of shows like Toyotafest/TORC. This meet had grown quite large since I last attended with plenty of great cars, but hopefully it doesn’t grow so large to where the immature people start showing up. This is a great meet with some cool people.

I had recently picked up a Canon Speedlite Transmitter which is a wireless trigger for my flash. I decided to put it to the test at this meet and see how things went. It worked about 50% of the time so I had a seriously difficult time getting it to work. I am currently looking to replace the system because it’s not very reliable, but be when it did work, the results were quite good.




















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