Anime Expo 2012

Words by Tim Wong

Many in Southern California know that July is convention month with the two large conventions Anime Expo and Comic Con. Anime Expo is easily the one of the largest conventions here in the US that is geared toward Japanese Animation and popular culture. My first Anime Expo was many years ago back when it was still a relatively small convention, but in my opinion higher in quality. Over the years, the convention ran in to all sorts of drama and problems which has lead to an overall decrease in quality. This apparently had no decrease in attendance as the convention was pack as ever with attendees.



First thing I wanted to check out was Danny Choo’s new itasha on display which was a new Mini Countryman featuring the latest Mirai design. I do find this new design to be a massive improvement over last year’s two cars which were also on display because itasha is supposed to be a design that connects all the sides of the car instead just slapping stickers on.



I can’t say the display allowed for any decent picture with ropes around, but I understand why as most people have no courtesy to things like not touching other peoples cars especially those on display. It’s sad that things like that need to be said.


Most of the day I spent walking around the lobbies and hallways snapping a shots here and there. I don’t setup photo shoots with just anyone like certain photographers that frequent cosplay events mostly because I don’t really have the time nor the need to do free photo shoots. I say this because almost all cosplay photographers never make money on these shoots as a large amount of cosplayers don’t want to shell out the cash for proper photos which is a a shame since they spent so much time and money on their costumes, you’d think they’d like some high quality photos other than “their friend with a camera” shot.






Celty from Durarara!!!





Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter


Mononoke Hime





Talim from Soul Calibur




One of many female Thors



Rei Ayanami (matsuri ver.) from Evangelion




Pikachu Miku fusion








Some Black Rock Shooter cosplayers


InuxBoku SS



I also spotted Eva Skye, well known Import Model, in her Boa Hancock cosplay.



The tall guy there has one the most outstanding costumes. I found him all over the place and on some occasions doing dance battles.





Some old school X-men with Jean Grey







Personified Nyan Cat









Poison from Street Fighter


After walking around for a couple hours, I decided to check out the exhibit hall which I never really find that interesting due to the highly overpriced items and the lack anything really all the interesting. For the most part, I just chat with some of my friends who are usually vendors or artists at these shows.


This is kind of old news to me, but there’s finally a new Berserk out now. Any real anime/manga fan knows what Berserk is because it is one the few greatest that surpass any norm and expectation in a series unlike the series of today like Naruto which punch out of a basic template just like a cookie cutter.









Last year, I spent a bunch of money for this convention which I found rather unnecessary like buying a 4 day pass so this year I manage to spent only $13 in total which includes parking. I probably could have gotten away with only $10 if I didn’t buy a $3 drink. It was surprisingly easy this year even with the X-Games going on next door which I much have rather been at. It’s a shame they didn’t grant us media even though we managed some really great shots from last year even without a media pass which you can check out here: