Anime Expo 2011: Part One


Another year for Anime Expo which also happens to be its 20 year anniversary. I’m not really a big fan of Anime Expo to start things off. I first went to AX(Anime Expo) in 2006 adding it to my convention touring list of the big San Diego Comic Con. I was not impressed due to its small exhibit hall and lacking activities. I usual go to conventions simply to go buy stuff and take pictures, but compared to Comic Con, AX was like an ant on the floor. It wasn’t until 2010, I decide to see the progress its made. The convention has definitely improved in attractions such as adding concerts from big names like Miku Hatsune, Aya Hirano, and May’n. The exhibit hall has grown which usually comes in hand with attandance.


This is just a small section of the smaller hall where people came to take pictures or relax for a bit.


A couple of itasha Toyota Corollas promoting the Miku concert, Mikunopolis.


I like the whole itasha car scene. There are cases where its gets a little creepy, but then every scene has people going off the edge. I think the wrapped cars with anime is a pretty cool idea and I don’t see it beign any different from Racing Livery. Its just some design that identifies you with your car and interests.




Danny Choo from Culture Japan also sponsored a couple cars to be done up in itasha with his website mascot Mirai Suenaga. His booth was very simple, but I would have like to have seen someone watching over the cars as most people don’t know its not car show etiquette to not touch the cars with their sweaty hands. Anyways, his show “Culture: Japan” now aires in the US so you can go check it out.


Nice Nissan Cube on some Kosei K1s next to the stock Toyota Celica.


Speaking of Danny Choo, I ran into him in the hall which he was so kind have a brief hello and give me one of his business cards. Its nice to see him recognize his readers.

For some reason, I’m terrible at taking pictures of celebrities at conventions. I messed with Alodia’s pictures last year at Comic Con and now I’ve ruined one with Danny Choo. I suck. :/


Moving on, I spotted a Prinny right by the entrance of the exhibit hall.




Penguin….of some sort.


Deadpool cosplay with his health bar. Pretty cool cosplay.


Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII cosplay


Jack. From the Box.


Portal 2. A rather rare cosplay this year.


Daisy from Mario


Stocking from Panty and Stocking. I have a good amount of pictures of her since she was so photo friendly.



Panty and Stocking.



A moment between Red Ranger and R2D2. The R2D2 was moving all around the lobby floor with is drinks on top. I wish it really served drinks. That would have been really cool.



Soul Eater cosplay.




I thought this was such a cool cosplay. Russel from Up.


Little bit of gnarliness.


Looked like everyone was trying to get the next “Cutest Chun Li” picture with this girl. I actually did see the little Chun Li with her dad in the exhibit hall.


A pretty decent Halibell cosplay aside from the height



Zack from Crisis Core



Advance Wars





Pretty awesome Kunieda from Beelzebub.


No idea what she is from, but the wings had a remote that opened and closed the blades which was pretty freaking awesome in my book.


One of two Miku cosplayers that models around the Miku Corollas.





More tomorrow.

72 thoughts on “Anime Expo 2011: Part One

  1. These photos are amazing! I’ve never been to an Anime Expo or Comi Con, but ever since I started watching the show “The Big Bang Theory” I’ve been wanting to be a little nerdy and try it out. Put the sewing machine to use. Embrace my Asian side…all that jazz.

    1. BBT is a great show. There’s a little nerd in everyone. Its always nice to see people let loose and just have some fun. Comic Con will be coming up in a couple weeks, be sure to check back for some of cool content. Thanks for viewing.

  2. I can tell you who 5 of these characters are if you’re interested.

    Business Scrub from the Legend Of Zelda series:

    Princess Peach and Rosa from Super Mario Galaxy:

    Princess Zelda and Princess Peach:

    Pyramid Head and Bubble Head nurse, from Silent Hill 2 game:

    Edea from Final Fantasy VIII:

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to anime expo, but just haven’t got the time. Thanks for posting the photos. I got a little taste of what it would’ve been like!

  4. i’ve never been to one, and because i’m not really into anime i can’t imagine i’ll attend one anytime soon. but i can imagine it’s some good people watching. thanks for sharing…cool pics 🙂

  5. So cool! When I was over the anime club at the library where I used to work, I was able to take the kids to Animazement in Raleigh, NC. So much fun!!!! 🙂

  6. I’ve never attended an anime expo but I’d love to!!! >.< So do you basically go and dress up if you want? or do you have to be part of some sort of promotion team?

  7. I’ll be taking my daughter to her first Anime convention in a few months in Atlanta. I’ve never been myself, and it’s cool to kinda see what’s going to be there. Thanks for the awesome pics! I hope they Hetalia there for my kid’s sake!

  8. This is some really interesting stuff, I didn’t realize how big cosplay was! I especially liked the Portal 2 costumes, those seemed like they were really difficult to make. Did you get any information from them about the costumes?

    Thanks for these pictures!

  9. Very beautiful pictures!

    Congratz on getting FreshlyPressed. It’s my first time seeing anything cosplay or anime or manga getting that honor! You’ve spread the word, man.

  10. I live in LA and have never been to this convention, I was tempted to go in ’06 but none of my friends wanted to go. It’s no fun being a solo Otaku at one of those things. I need more like minded friends. You like the San Diego one better?

    1. I personally like the San Diego Comic Con better since its more mainstream instead of just a niche crowd of anime fans or cosplayers. Comic Con does bring together more than just anime fans and comic fans.

    1. Actually anime iand cosplay s rather popular in Europe. There are a couple of conventions coming up in UK you could probably look up like Hyper Japan, London Anime Con, and Manchester MCM Expo.

  11. Wow! The photographs are cool. I’ve never been to an Anime Expo before but I’m hoping I could (soon). I’m also a fan of anime stuff. Nice blog by the way.

  12. The photos are great!! Although I wish they’d be able to separate Anime from Cartoon Characters…they’re actually different in my own opinion. 🙂 But nonetheless, this is a success!!!

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