SEMA 2015: Part Two

Words by Tim Wong

Finishing up SEMA coverage with some more of this years greatest builds in the industry and I’m going to start off with cars in the Toyo Treadpass.


Another Rocket Bunny V2 S14



Fantastic seeing a Hakotora on TE37Vs. Part Hakosuka (C10 Skyline) via front-end conversion and part truck.



Rocket Bunny NSX in battleship grey.



Rocket Bunny S13



Attack on Titan Itasha S13


Mopar/Dodge unveiled their Challenger GT AWD concept which featured a bump in power and the added AWD transmission.



Another Challenger on display was the Scat Pack edition which is essentially their factory drag car. Ford and Chevy also produce similar track only vehicles from the factory.


This two vehicles were really the only cars wort mentioning because though I was hoping for a Dart SRT4, it was only a Dart GLH edition which only had a couple performance bolt-ons and some black paint, all things you could probably do yourself to a regular Dart.


I’ve always wished Jeep would make a pick up version of the Wrangler and now they have. Exactly the way I pictured it.



Buick Electra



Rezvani Beast, a supercar based on the Ariel Atom.



Misha Design Ferrari 458 Italia



One of my favorite builds at SEMA this year was the Bulletproof Automotive BMW Z4 GT Continuum.









6×6 with all-wheel steering


Beautiful RWB promoting the new Need For Speed



Autofashion’s Rocket Bunny S13


Surprised to see a Corrado at SEMA let alone be amazing enough to be in the top 20 builds of SEMA 2015.



Easily the most outlandish car this year.




Mazda displaying a ND with some great looking new features like the fog lights.



Even better was Mazda’s ND Miata Speedster concept. The design was beautiful and brilliant. Behind he headrests were compartments for helmets.


_MG_5264// up this year’s coverage with this amazing flat bed setup. Thanks for reading. _MG_5262//

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