Autofashion’s VIPFest 2015

Words by Tim Wong

It has been tradition for several years now that AutoFashion hosts its annual VIPFest meet the weekend after the SEMA show so that some of the VIP cars from SEMA couple show up as some of the vehicles come from far away. It always been a great gathering of some of the best VIP builds in Southern California. I almost forgot about the event because it wasn’t well promoted, but luckily my network has some people who are more keen than I to spot these things. Though I was only there for a bit over an hour, I got a good walk through of the event and it was packed full of people and cars.



Aimgain Lexus IS


A pair of Toyota Cressidas or as they have it badged a Corona Mark II Grande.



Widebody S13 coupe


A perfect combination on this BMW E36 on Volk TE37SLs.



Some of the Autofashion white fleet of SEMA cars.


The Rocket Bunny V2 S14 that was at the Eneos SEMA booth.


Cute little Nissan Pao.












Thanks for reading.

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